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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Adventures in courtroom lying, part 2: Kim Duclos falsely accuses a runner of cheating (audio)

Kim has kept up her nonsense since the last one of these, so heyo.

This one's so bad it's briefly tempting to feel bad for her, but the stammering, stressed-out speech patterns and emotional disarray are part of her act, the only act she knows; and, more than anything else, her targeting people who have done nothing to her or anyone and barely know who she is deserves a call-out. Maybe she'll even apologize to her victims someday; if she starts now and lives a normal human lifespan, she might have time to almost finish.


  1. Hey Kev! Hope your having a great evening! Concord, New Hampshire is certainly a nice city. Are you considering ever moving back there or even settling down in a suburb around that vicinity. You seem to be highly stressed with this ongoing conflict. I think what makes it even more challenging for both you and Kim is that you live so very close to each other. If you made a pilgrimage back to New Hampshire, how would it affect you? I guess the cost of living would be the same. You do most of your work on the internet. But, the stress may resolve. Maybe you could change things up and devout greater study to God. Just concerned about the Beck as your lack of understanding and compassion for sufferers of mental illness could be at a historic low.

    1. That's good insight -- I could do the work I do from anywhere, including Mars, although the air-conditioning and oxygenation costs might be prohibitive.

      Kim's proximity to me is almost irrelevant from my perspective. I virtually never see her and all of the garbage she posts might as well be coming from, well, Mars. But Kim made it an issue by purposefully moving here not only despite my already being here but largely because of it. Then she started her online trolling in earnest and eventually forced me to go to court because she lied to the police and then in court (that's kind of what this series is about, as you've hopefully noticed). And she's been every bit the same pain in the ass in the years since. In short, she convinced her boyfriend to lug her out here, and her progress in supposedly important life areas like work, running and school has been precisely zero -- another thing that's supposedly somehow my fault.

      She's the one who trash-talks Boulder and Boulderites and longs to be back in the vibrant rural Midwest. If she hates it that much, she should convince her boyfriend to look for a job elsewhere. Of course, if she left, the only thing that would change is the specifics of her rambling (for example, she wouldn't be claiming to be running around taking photos of me from behind parked cars).

      You're right in that this is a major time sink, and I could be doing lots of other things besides writing these posts. But history has shown clearly that when Kim focuses none of her screechy bullshit on me, I don't write about her and rarely even think about her. But these days, even when I go silent, she does not. She has also expanded her blathering to include as many of my friends as she can. This is really all in her hands, and she knows it. But if she wants to continue being embarrassed and enraged, I can and will keep this up.

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