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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Adventures in courtroom lying. part 1: Kim Duclos dissembles about our "relationship" (audio)

Alternative title: Don't be nice to screwed-up people you know don't deserve nice treatment in the hope you'll be the one who fixes them; just avoid them. Otherwise, you'll probably wind up being meaner than you ever wanted to be to anyone even if it's fully justified.


(Nov. 9, 6:55 p.m. update: Someone who wishes to remain anonymous, but goes by the moniker "DJ Donnybrook," submitted a remix of some of the audio from this and other publicly available sources. He titled it "Came Too Close." I guess this is sort of funny, somewhat, in some ways. You can listen to it here.)


  1. I am really sorry about this Kevin. Things are not easy. Sounds like your vacation in Concord got off to a bad start. At least you had the opportunity to check out some old running routes. Your well known throughout the world as the Father of modern day running but you are certainly being challenged by a successful marathoner and a highly successful business owner. Technology is the way to go now and she has found great success at both. I wish you the best.

    1. My trip wasn't a vacation but it worked out OK despite the lapses and lassitude. I can't knock spending time with friends in my hometown and experiencing some nostalgic runs even if my go-getter-ism is next to absent.

      As for "a successful marathoner and highly successful business owner," I think it's fair to ask if you just landed here from another planet even though I know you've been in Worcester a while. Kim doesn't have the capital, skills or basic wherewithal to be a business owner and I wouldn't call someone who was done by age 30 and skipped the Trials after a single sub-2:40 a successful marathoner.

      But pretend she's a world-class athlete and a self-made bazillionaire. The point of this post is that she is not merely an everyday liar but a perjurer. She didn't get charged with this crime only because judges rarely do this in R.O. cases they already recognize are bullshit, or else they'd be jailing nutbags like Kim all the time. But you'll be treated about once a week to a new snippet that puts her shameless, extremely ill-thought-out lying on display. It's one thing to see her posts, but quite another to listen to her warbling moronic voice that gives away her duplicity from the first staccato syllables. She is disgusting in every way and unraveling by the month.

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