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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

A raving homophobe, a shitfaced self-loathing slug, and a couple of illiterate woodchucks walk into a bar

The punch line is here.

I've decided to post about the adventures of mental defectives like Steve and Kim on my other blog. For one thing, neither of those two idiots is connected to running anymore, and for another, the Chimp Refuge exists precisely for the purpose of essays about quasi-hominid life forms with Internet access. If I'm going to devote time and words to toxic nonsense, it should at least be my own toxic nonsense.

I'm not sure if I will move the existing stuff about them over, since that seems like a lot of work to devote to oxygen thieves of the highest order. Then again, I'm sorta all in on this shit, which is admittedly on me.

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