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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hashtag 80s hashtag fashion

New England Interscholastic High-School Championship 3200 meters, Boston College, 1988. 96 degrees on the track if it was an inch.

Our team supposedly wound up with this style of shorts at the beginning of the season thanks to a mistaken order by the Concord High School athletic department; these weren't actually "track bottoms" as they were clearly way too long for that sport. In fact, runners on other teams ribbed us for wearing "racing boxers," etc. By contemporary standards, these "Bermuda running shorts" would be considered downright immodest in some locales. Hashtag 80s hashtag fashion.

As for the race, I placed 12th, 4th in the unseeded heat, in 9:43. I felt great throughout the race despite the heat, but got no splits along the way because the track at B.C. was oversized by some bizarre amount, costing me whatever number of seconds I feel like pulling out of my ass.


  1. Please, post more Boulder drama. Every once in a while when you get sidetracked and start posting about running, this site gets very boring, very quick.

    1. I hear you, but I have yet to actually post anything about Boulder drama per se, and there's plenty to go around. The fact that I happen to live here and my cowardly critic is presently conducting her sputtering little exhibition of retardation from here is scarcely relevant.

      It would be nice if her caregiver acceded to her wishes and relocated her fuming carcass to a distant region, but even if this happened, she'd still complain and lie and blame others for her problems, because she's incapable of living life differently. Her best shot at something resembling success would be someone putting her in a room and furnishing her with an limitless supply of beer, burritos, video games, and bad TV shows, and not letting her otherwise communicate with the outside world. That way she could live out her days in some semblance of peace and happiness and not bother anyone.

  2. How times have changed. Great old photo of the strength and determination of a young Hitler Youth runner.