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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Pointless PSA: Boulder Book Store event on Sept. 7

Brad Hudson, Lize Brittin and I will be at the Boulder Book Store on Thursday, Sept. 7 at 7:30 to discuss Young Runners at the Top and sign copies of the book for anyone who buys one.

The reason I am calling this a pointless PSA is because no one in the Boulder area who doesn't already know about the event is going to learn about it from this blog. Therefore, this post will not increase attendance by even a single unit. Its influence on the world will be not merely trivial, but undetectable. It is a flagrant waste of time, words, and psychological and emotional resources. I have an assignment for Boulder Weekly that I am looking forward to reading far more than I am looking forward to finishing, and this post is a means of delaying work on that project and avoiding a slate of other responsibilities, both real and propositional, at the same time.

It should be noted that some of the regular readers of Beck of the Pack either don't read books about running, aren't runners or parents of runners, are nowhere near Colorado, are mentally unstable in ways ranging from endearing to unsettling, or would prefer to see Young Runners at the Top and its authors fail; in some cases, more than one of these traits applies. Therefore, making this kind of PSA is rather like appearing on The Muppet Show and mooning the old hecklers in the balcony, Stadler and Waldorf, after spiking their tea with Adderal and giving them pellet guns.

Nevertheless, since I have absolutely nothing of interest to talk about concerning my own running, I have a de facto obligation to either delete this blog outright or repeatedly mention things related to "my" newly released book. (For what little it's worth, I've been able to run up to 40 minutes every day without pain and am seeing a PT tomorrow afternoon, but I've retained few of the competitive ambitions I tricked myself into having at the beginning of the year.)

Mike Sandrock wrote a nice primer for the event in Sunday's paper. I hope no one confuses me with runners who were actually "prep stars" like Brad and Lize, though. I was a person of middling talent and reasonable dedication from a small state who managed to run 9:43 a couple of times in high school and place second in two state championship races and third in another. My prep running career was as forgettable as my adult "career." Anyone who believes otherwise is badly deluded, and I can't take the blame or the credit for that either.

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