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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Later, January 2017

316.5 miles. I averaged a little over 10 miles a day this month -- 10.2, to be as exact as I or anyone needs to be -- and that hasn't happened in a long time (a phrase I find myself using a lot lately, mostly in reference to something to do with running that's good or at least unbad).

My longest run was 16.5 miles, my shortest was 3.0 (if I run at all I always go at least 3).

Importantly, I was not aerobically exercising for at least 22 hours of every single day save one, unless you count walking, which I don't, unless I get tired or am trying to eat a large sandwich containing multiple types of meat. This means that I am sitting on my ass over 90 percent of he time, so I have a lot of work to do.

Also, just to prove a pointless point, I did a one-mile road pickup in 5:45 today, my first sub-six mile in...since....OK, it was unusual. And it didn't kill me, and my first 440 was 1:32 and it was only then that I decided I needed to break 6:00, with the strains of Naked Eyes insisting that at as a result of influences beyond my control it would be difficult for me to forget what I was doing. And I didn't.

Thanks for reading this far, you masochists.


  1. Calc says you are good for a 3:39:35 50k.

  2. Good job on the mile. There's always going to be something there to remind you...

  3. In the last 5:45 mile I remember you writing about you got rolled by Catherine Ndereba. I deem that decidedly good juju.